Our team consists of licensed professionals

Every touch is different and every touch is a voyage into a state of well-being and relaxation.

Ambrosia is made up of a team of professional and experienced certified massage therapists, who have developed a special touch and a comprehensive approach. The members of our team were selected because of their personal development in the area of holistic health and their constant desire to refine and increase their knowledge.


I lived as a teenager with a passion: living in harmony of heart, body and spirit with everyone around me and being able to share my knowledge with who are willing with all the generosity possible, so that everyone can reach or find the perfect balance for an integral health.

As all aspects of life animate me, from a very young age, I have traveled across several continents and thereby meet different masters, especially in India where I lived for 7 years. I studied, therefore explore and practice the Art of raja yoga, science of the body, mind and spirit. From these studies, I discovered the priceless qualities of meditation and Hatha Yoga while incorporating philosophies invaluable. I also studied various healing arts, such as energy therapy, Reiki, Swedish, Acupressure, California, Reflexology, Shiatsu and Sportive massage. I studied and practicing in counseling and stress management (life coach). I also studied for over 20 years and teaching various martial arts, so until this day I hold a black belt Dan 5ie. I am also a personal trainer.




This amalgam of studies, research and diverse practice leads me to be able to accompany you with confidence and to assist you in a good balance of whole well-being.

Serge Lusignan


"I’ll be very happy to share my recommendations and knowledge"

I grew up under the influence of Chinese medicine. Since I was born, my mother has always cared for my health with plants, herbs, food and traditional alternative medicine. I’ve always been fascinated by aromatherapy because it helps with muscular, immune, nervous and digestive system problems, skin conditions and other problems.

I like to share my experiences so if you are looking for more natural ecological and healthier ways of living your day-to-day life, then I’ll be very happy to share my recommendations and knowledge.

Masso-kinesitherapist, member of the "Fédération québécoise des massothérapeutes" (FQM), and certified yoga teacher.

I completed my training in Kinetic Swedish Massage and in Masso-kinesitherapy at the Institute Kiné-Concept in Montreal. Since 2007 I have practiced these techniques. Being always interested in expanding both my ability to treat and my knowledge, since graduating I have followed various trainings. Amongst them, "Integrated deep tissue massage" at Kiné-Concept Institute, "Adapted exercises for back problems" at Centre Spinal Movement and " Structural myofasciale therapy" levels 1 and 2 with Betsy-Ann Baron. I also hold a minor in kinesiology from the University of Montreal.

I started my yoga practice more than 20 years ago. In 1992, I completed my teacher training course with the Sivananda Yoga Center, where I studied, practiced and taught for 5 years the various aspects of traditional yoga (postures, breathing, proper diet, relaxation, meditation and philosophy). Then, for 6 years I took classes at the Iyengar Yoga school of Montreal. Their approach is technically very rigorous and has greatly influenced both my practice and my teaching. Today, the knowledge and the experience I have acquired in the therapeutic field continues to enrich my approach to yoga.

It is with a sincere interest for your health and well-being that I will put my various experiences and competences at your service.


I don’t treat parts. I treat the whole being

I employ a range of holistic healing techniques that addresses issues affecting a person’s body, mind, emotions, spirit, and subtle energies. I specialize in Naturopathy, Acupressure, Shiatsu, Reiki, Kinetic Swedish massage, Deep tissue massage, Trigger point therapy, and Cranio-sacral therapy.

Each person’s situation is unique and your plan of care will be set up just for you.

Back to source, to our true nature through sharing, touching, caring.

Having always maintained a passion for traditional and alternative medicine, I decided to go to Asia to start my studying. It was in Thailand that the passion for massage therapy awakened in me. After several months of training, I specialize in traditional Thai massage therapy and massage therapy for women, traditional herbal medicine and aromatherapy.

A few months later I moved to Montreal for training in Swedish kinetic and start a new life.

My techniques: Thai massage (traditional therapy), specialized massage for women (pregnancy, childbirth, menopause), kinetic Swedish, aromatherapy.


Since forever, I love taking care of those around me. I also love analyzing and understanding the Human being nature in all its aspects and find solutions for its balance.

Thus I chose to undertake four years of Physiotherapy studies in France. Graduated in 2007 , in my studies I have focused my expertise in various domains from treating infants to elders in various ailments who may have developed  syndromes by experiencing, i.e., car accidents , sports injuries, chronic or acute pain syndromes , postural disorders , and so many other type of disorder. So my understanding today helps me accompany these people gain a greater balance in a holistic matter.

My professional experience and my post graduate training are based on physiological channels, Fascia, and Thai yoga massage. These disciplines as a whole helped me to gain a greater comprehensive understanding of the human body, its functioning and adaptations. It makes me understand in a broader sense the infinite importance of seeking first and foremost the origin of the symptoms.

Upon meeting you I initially make a thorough assessment of where you stand, so that I may understand the dysfunctions in the person and possible reasons for the tensions to be present. Each patient being a caregiver who may not know the source of his or her suffering, so therefore I establish a protocol treatment for you and then I become the facilitator and the guide for your evolution towards wellness. It goes without say, that my patient as to also be an active actor in achieving the goal.

"Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease." -Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine.

Let me be your Ally in your wellbeing.


I invested myself into learning different type of bodywork therapies, so that I could accompany people to gain a balance and maintain a wholesome lifestyle, while using several techniques. When a massage is given with complete attention and with love and care to details, the receiver will be uplifted and at the same time nourished in more ways than one. I wanted to be at ease with my therapy techniques, and improve more deeply my knowledge so I took the time to learn many type of bodywork therapies, such as: Swedish, Californian and Sports Massage Therapy, along these methods, I also learned Child, Pre and Post-natal Massage Therapy, Yoga (which specializes in Pre and Post-natal Yoga, Yoga for Cancer, and different types of Injuries, etc..), and Light Meditation Therapy. I also perform Body Wraps, Facials and exfoliation treatments.

Our team is made up of certified professional therapists belonging to one or several of the following associations:

Fédération Québécoise des Massothérapeutes (FQM)

Association des massothérapeutes professionnels du Québec (AMPQ)

Association des Naturothérapeutes du Québec (ANQ)

Ordre canadien des praticiens de naturopathie et des naturothérapies (OCPNN)

Ordre des acupuncteurs du Québec (AC)