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Ambrosia is the result of an initiative dedicated to impart a total and holistic equilibrium for all human beings.

Based on more than 40 years of experience, Ambrosia’s vocation is therefore to bring people to a perfect balance on every level: emotional, physical and mental.

The Centre was created for you. To provide you with the care and the tools you need to achieve this integral balanced health. Together, all of these approaches form a whole so you can awaken this state of Ambrosia (unconditional joy of living!).

At the Center we’ve adopted the Karmic approach of what we sow we shall reap, therefore the way we treat the planet is important, so we maintain and take the responsibility to respect our mother earth with our ecological environment: bamboo floors, paints free of volatile organic components, biological cotton sheets. We use in our treatments essential oils and biological creams and wild serums that are completely organic.
Children’s Care International is an organization that supports the liberation of slave children in India by providing them access to education and a fair reintegration into society. CCI was created six years ago. One of the initial co-founders of this organization, Serge Lusignan plays a major part in the continued existence of CCI. For this reason, 10% of the net profits of the Ambrosia Health Centre are redistributed to CCI.

For more details about this mission, visit the CCI Website:
Aide internationale pour l'enfance