Care in your workplace

Ambrosia offers you energy solutions for body and spirit right in your workplace.

The benefits of massage therapy have been known for thousands of years and given the fast pace of contemporary life we clearly need to take the time to really unwind.

This is the reason that we come to your workplace to offer you the appeasing and energy restoring benefits of chair massage. This chair-pause will appease your mental state and will clearly make you more wide-awake refresh and attuned creatively.

A chair massage is an excellent relaxation tool for the workplace
Their most visible and obvious benefits are reduced anxiety, a feeling of calm and well-being and reduced stress.

Chair massage promotes physical relaxation, mental relief, while providing an energy restoration.

It is recommended to use chair massage regularly to stimulate the personnel during periods of intensive work, to mark an organization’s special anniversary or event, such as a golf tournament, a conference, a theme day or for any other celebration.
Serge Lusignan

Chair massage benefits the company by:

  • Increasing productivity;
  • Making your employees more alert;
  • Restoration of employee motivation and morale;
  • Improving your employees appreciation and sense of values;
  • Reducing absenteeism;
  • Boosting your employee's concentration, creativity, energy and productivity

Chair massage benefits you employees by:

  • Decreasing stress, and the injuries caused by repetitive movements;
  • Increasing the state of vigilance and improves intellectual skills;
  • Reducing anxiety, heart rate, blood pressure, distress symptoms and improving sleep;
  • Easing tensions, pains, stiffness muscle and mental fatigue